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Performance Rehab will provide expert care to our patients through a thorough examination, specific diagnosis, patient education, comprehensive therapeutic program in a caring environment to restore you to the performance level your life requires. We continually strive to increase our clinical skills by seeking out the best clinicians in the world to learn from and to employ, in order to provide unparalleled quality of care. Contact us to get started on your healing process today!

Personalized Home Exercise App

Subscribe to MyIntelligentCare - Performance Rehab - a personalized home exercise program for your mobile device. With MyIntelligentCare you can benefit from:

  • Quick Access to your Clinician between sessions- ask questions or voice concerns at any time
  • Personalized Treatment Plans - with video exercise guidance, customized to your individual needs
  • Realtime Analytics of your Performance Results - to view progress toward your treatment goals

Research has shown with all of these tools at your disposal, patients will have more effective recovery, saving time and money!

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment approach that is designed to restore, maintain and enhance optimal physical function and mobility. Each treatment progression is individualized to the patient and the condition from which they suffer. Physical therapy typically addresses: recovering from an existing injury, preventing the advancement of physical limitations, minimizing mobility restrictions, or resolving disabilities caused by accidents, sports, occupational related injuries, diseases or other conditions.

Performing Arts

At Performance Rehab, we have extensive experience rehabilitating recreational, pre-professional, and professional performers. Our Performing Arts Medicine program specializes in preventing future injuries and enhancing each performer's potential.

We routinely provide backstage and/or on-site physical therapy services and coordinate support for local dance companies in the Kansas City area including, Kansas City Ballet, Owen Cox Dance, Quixotic, and Kansas City Dance Festival. We are also the preferred provider for the Conservatory of Dance at UMKC.

In addition to physical therapy, we offer evaluations, private training, group conditioning and workshops for:

      • Dance – Specific Pilates
      • Injury Prevention and Management
      • Body conditioning for maximum effect
      • Technique enhancement class – correcting problems in classical dance technique
      • Cross-training essentials
      • Placement and turn-out for dancers
      • Pointe Readiness Evaluations
      • Pre-season dance screening
      • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

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Worker’s Compensation

At Performance Rehab, the injured worker is similar to the injured athlete (or performer); only the playing field is different. Our dedicated therapists work closely with all involved parties to ensure appropriate case management, cost containment and successful return to work. We have a variety of services that address the needs of the injured worker:

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Hand Therapy
  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Work Conditioning
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s)
  • Post-Offer Employment Testing (POETs)

Hand Therapy

If you are experiencing pain or functional limitations in your hand, wrist, or arm, Performance Rehab's Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) will guide your recovery through expert hand therapy services, which include splinting.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a skilled intervention performed by a licensed physical therapist that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and release underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues for the management of pain and movement impairments. Dry needling is a technique used to treat dysfunctions in skeletal muscle, fascia, and connective tissue, and diminish persistent peripheral nociceptive input, and reduce or restore impairments of body structure and function leading to improved activity and participation.

Performance Rehab is proud to offer dry needling for our patients and clients. Please contact us for more information or discuss this with your current healthcare provider if you feel you would benefit from this technique.

Dry Needling FAQ

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy

If Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (PBFR) training is for you, your therapist can supplement this to your plan of care. This is used primarily for rapid increase of strength and hypertrophy (increased size of muscle tissue). To learn more about PBFR, the approved Personalized Tourniquet System device we purchased and to see where our clinicians received training, please CLICK HERE.


Performance Rehab uses the most State of the Art technology in helping you recover from your injury or surgery.  At the 87th and I-35 clinic location, our Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill allows us to have you bear weight, walk, or run at less than full body weight, making it less painful and easier to return you to your previous level of function.  For more info, click here.


For patients who are in pain or are weakened due to an injury or disability, aquatic therapy offers the perfect solution to begin active treatment. Therapy sessions are conducted in our pool at the 87th and I-35 clinic location. The natural buoyancy of water reduces stress on the body and helps patients exercise easier with less pain. Plus, the natural pressure of water reduces joint and soft tissue swelling and provides enough resistance to strengthen muscles.

Sports Conditioning

There is an old saying that “You need to get into shape to play sports, not play sports to get into shape”. We believe that there is a lot of wisdom in that statement. Without proper sports conditioning, sustaining a sports injury becomes more probable than possible. If you are considering actively participating in any type of sport, competitive or recreational, we encourage you to contact us today to learn about our sports conditioning programs.

Pilates, Yoga and Wellness

Performance Rehab offers Pilates, Yoga, and Barre classes. Pilates is a system of exercises that conditions the whole body through low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs due to its focus on proper body alignment, posture and proprioception (mind and body awareness). It centers the body with breathing awareness while maintaining dynamic stabilization. We also offer yoga for all levels and abilities. We welcome everyone who would like to reap the mental and physical benefits of yoga to reduce stress and improve your overall quality of life. We also offer Barre classes for all levels of movers. The heart of our training is to increase body awareness and control while improving flexibility, stability and strength. These classes are all intended to improve mind and body endurance, evaluate weaknesses, and increase your overall peak performance.

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